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Income Generation

Vocational Training Programmes

  • Embroidery, Sewing, Cutting Tailoring
  • Computer Training
  • Jewellery Making

Al-Hind Society aims to make a lasting difference in the lives of the poor by building the capacity of local communities to sustain themselves. Society provides vocational training and interest-free micro-credit loans enabling people to earn a better living, either by operating small businesses or by seeking well-paid employment.

Several of our projects attempt to redress the gender imbalance by focusing on widows, poor and downtrodden families who have no source of income.

The objective of establishing this skill development and Income generating activities is to undertake innovative programs for development solutions through actively involving primarily distressed hardcore poor people, Orphan, widow or specially women and Girls. They need external support to stand on their own feet.

Finally, it facilitates in initiation of economic activities by micro-credit support for regular income to alleviate poverty and promoting women’s economic rights and control over resources through active involvement and participation.

The main goal of the project is to rehabilitate a few deprived and disadvantaged women by ensuring Income Generating Activities for them for sustainable livelihood. They will be motivated to stand on their own feet by raising their social awareness, developing practical skill training on Computer, Sewing, Cutting, Tailoring & Embroidery & Jewellery Making etc.

The certain outcomes are expected

They are as follows :
  • Distressed and powerless women will be organized for their development.
  • Distressed and rootless women will gain self-confidence and will be self-reliant.
  • Women’s empowerment will be ensured to some extent.
  • This will help improve their standard of living.
  • Develop the women/girls confidence that they are well equipped to find employment after school/college.
  • Interest-free micro-credit loans to start small businesses.